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“Universally Acclaimed.”
– NY Times

– Washington Post


“The Ultimate Master.”


“His great insight and knowledge in storytelling is unparalleled.”
– LA Times


“McKee’s teachings are the Law of the Land at Pixar.”
– The Pixar Touch

“Everything I know about story structure
I learned from Robert McKee. End of story.”

– Paul Haggis, Two-time Oscar Winning Writer/Director





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Robert McKee is The Godfather of story and story teachers. / Robert McKee is an essential thought leader when it comes to story. His lessons are inspirational, illuminating, and useful to me on a daily basis.–Ed Saxon, Oscar Winning Producer of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, PHILADELPHIA, ADAPTATION

McKee gives the writer a set of very liberating guidelines: Here is the full story behind his quote: Geoffrey Rush has been taking ''an enforced sabbatical after a couple of years of very intensive film work'', and ''tinkering'' on a script. Out of curiosity, he attended script guru Robert McKee's screenwriting workshop, simply thinking that ''it might be interesting to take on board whatever he had to offer as a way of refracting my embryonic ideas. I thought it was going to be a lot more formulaic, but it's not. It's a very liberating set of guidelines that he gives you.–Geoffrey Rush, Actor in THE KING'S SPEECH

Robert McKee is the genuine article. His 'Story' is a testimony of craft, compassion and depth.–Brian Cox, Actor

...stimulating, innovative, refreshingly practical.–Lawrence Kasden, Oscar Winning Screenwriter/Director of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE BIG CHILL, THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST

Not only the best teacher of writing I've ever had… but the best teacher of anything. / I’ve stolen concepts from Bob over and over and they’ve always worked.–Steve Pressfield, Author and bestselling novelist of LEGEND OF BEGGER VANCE, GATES OF FIRE, WAR OF ART

My advice is... take McKee's class. It was essential to my success as a screenwriter.–ZAK PENN, Screenwriter of THE AVENGERS, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, THE INCREDIBLE HULK

Robert McKee is a master of the craft and a servant to the art of Screenwriting.–Russell Brand, Actor/Writer/Producer/Comedian

There is wonderful humility and grandeur about Robert McKee and his love of STORY; a cross between Bogart and Sinatra. It is beautiful to see someone who is in harmony with higher principles in this world of money and profits.–Russell Brand, Actor/Writer/Producer/Comedian

If you want to bear witness to what a great teacher can do with total creative freedom; run, do not walk to Story Seminar.–Mark Whitney, Award Winning Documentary Writer/Producer

McKee shaped the way I approached writing and played a huge part in my career.–Tom Hallman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

It's a stunning achievement, and beautifully put together. I am in awe at how compelling it is to watch.–Barbara Minto, Author of 19 Bestsellers

Excellent seminar, very insightful. All of what I have learned here is directly applicable to the craft. Mr. McKee has given form to many of the concepts that I have struggled with for years.–Alexandre Amancio, Creative Director at UBISOFT


So far this year, Robert McKee’s Story Seminar graduates have contributed to create the films and shows below.

They are writers, actors, directors, producers, and more.
(Partial list)




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