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In order to understand the power of attending one of Robert McKee’s seminars,
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“It’s an amazingly important course that I’ve gone back to do three times.”


Actor / Writer

“I wish I had taken his seminar before I started writing ‘CUT TO’ for a living.”


Two-time Oscar Award Winning Screenwriter

“Robert McKee is a master of the craft and a servant to the art of screenwriting.”


Actor / Writer

“Robert McKee is The Godfather of story and an essential thought leader.”


Oscar-Winning Producer

Some Works From Our Alumni

Here is just a partial list of what some of the graduates of the McKee seminars
have written, produced, acted in, or directed this year.


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Latest Video Lessons

The latest video lesson posts from the STORY Blog.

Why Do Sequels Often Disappoint?

Not all sequels are created equal. Robert McKee comments on why they often disappoint, and how one can go about meeting the audience’s expectations.   Quotes of the Week “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in... read more

Does Marketing Spoil Movies?

Wondering how to account for marketing, conventions, and other spoilers as you write? In this two-part Q&A Robert McKee explains what a writer needs to know about how audiences experience story, including the lead-up to the story. Watch Part 2 here.   Quotes... read more

Is More Character Complexity Better?

When it comes to character, is more complexity necessarily better? Robert McKee uses President Obama, and former presidents Bush and Nixon as examples of character complexity and how a life becomes a story.   Quotes of the Week “There is no such thing as a... read more

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