If you wish to understand the Primacy of Story – why story is essential to human motivation and decision-making – Robert McKee will get you started in this in-depth presentation for Thinking Digital.

Quotes of the Week

“The Business story is designed to trigger the listener to take an effective action. If it doesn’t, the story fails.”

– Robert McKee

“Story is morally neutral. It can express profound truth or propaganda. The two greatest political storytellers of the 20th Century were Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler. Because storytelling is a form of persuasive jujitsu, and because world is full of black belt storytellers, the corporate leader has to train both his offensive and defensive moves.”

– Robert McKee

“Once upon a time you went to war with products and services. Today, the stories we tell or fail to tell determine our destinies.”

– James McCabe

COVID-19 and Your Crisis Decision:
In these challenging times, Robert McKee has decided to bring his teaching to you. Will you join us online?