Forces of Antagonism


Human nature is conservative. We never do more than we have to, expend any energy we don’t have to, and most importantly we never take any risks we don’t have to. Why do anything the hard way if we can get what we want the easy way?

But the journey of a writer is never easy.

No matter your chosen medium, remember this: it will take you ten years to master your art. Ten years of unforgiving, relentless and thankless work, dawn until dusk.

That’s ten years of turning off your phone during work hours. Ten years of ignoring social media. Neglecting friendships and relationships. A decade of headaches as you sweat your heart and soul onto the keyboard. Endless hours in the library, toiling as you research worlds old and new in search of mastery of your craft.

Ten years of rejection.

Writing is more than time and talent. This quest requires dedication of heart and a singularity of purpose. But more than this, it requires sacrifice.

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals?