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Websites and Info for Novelists

The Modern Library’s “100 Best Novels”: Click Here
Time magazine’s “100 Best All-Time Novels”: Click Here
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“Writing A Novel” from Click Here
Unfilmables: A List of the Hardest Novels to Film: Click Here
“100 Best First Lines” from Novels: Click Here
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Drew’s Script-O-Rama:
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Copyrighting Scripts Form PA with Instructions

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Hard-to-Find Screenplays

Hollywood Book & Poster: Online:
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Jeffrey Mehlman: Phone: 212-879-0660

Professional Film and Television Organizations

American Screenwriters / Image Film & Video (Atlanta): Scriptwriters’ Network: Women In Film: Other organizations and groups can be found regionally through Yahoo Groups and other online services.

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Television Scripts on the Net

To our knowledge there are no notable sites that have a wide and varied selection of television scripts. We recommend using Yahoo! or Google, typing in the title of the show from which you’re looking to find a script, and pick one of the “fan” sites that offer scripts. Many fan sites have extensive libraries of scripts from the show to which they’re dedicated.

Writing and Fellowship Programs (Film and Television)

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting:

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