Your Crisis Decision


Your story as a writer began with an Inciting Incident, sparking a desire to put to page, stage or screen a universal truth of the world, a unique understanding that “life is like this.”

As the protagonist in your story as a writer, it’s time to make your crisis decision.

Many writers, dreading the awareness of how they do what they do will cripple their spontaneity, never study the craft. Instead they march along their own path in a lockstep of unconscious habit, thinking it’s instinct. They put in long, tough days, for no matter how it’s taken, the writer’s road is never smooth. But in their secret selves, they know they’re just taking their talent for a walk.

Which path will you take?

This moment of opportunity is the point of greatest tension in your journey as you sense the question ‘how will this turn out’ will be answered out of the next action.

Will you pursue your story to its final chapter and take your career in a direction many writers fear?