Your Inciting Incident


The story of any writer begins with the desire to put to page, stage or screen a universal truth of the world, a unique understanding that “life is like this.”

Why Do You Write?

Perhaps you’re outraged by an injustice in the world. Maybe you see the disunity hidden within an outwardly idyllic family unit. It could be you simply understand the lengths to which one must go to defeat evil. Whatever the reason, a particular event has radically upset the balance in your life, leaving you no other choice but to pour your soul onto the page.

This Is Your Inciting Incident.

And as a writer, the explosion of this event has gifted you the opportunity and drive to reach the​ limits of life​ through story.

Whether directly or with subtlety, you’ve been jolted from the pattern of your existence. ​Chaos has invaded your universe. Now it’s time to make sense of the turmoil.

It’s Time to Write the Truth.